Saturday, January 19, 2013

Which champion is the best/strongest ADC in League Of Legends? The ADCs Win Rate Comparison & analysis

Objective : To determine which 5 champions are the top 5 ADC for bot lane in Season 3 of league of legends.

Method : Find out the win rate (%) for both ranked and normal for each common ADC used and then calculate the average of these 2 values. Website used : (With 191666 matches)

Data Analysis & Discussion :

T-Test (ranked Vs normal) = 0.75 (> 0.5)

Accept the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference between normal winning rate and Ranked winning rate.

A few interesting points we can make from the above table.

1) Miss fortune es the no 1 ADC with the highest winning rate in both the ranked and normal. She has a deadly synergy with CC based jungler (ie : Amumu, Sejuani)or/and CC based support (IE : Sona, Taric) due to her powerful ultimate : Bullet Time, that can blast everyone to hell in front of a cone area. She also has lower skill cap than most ADC like Vayne or Draven.

2) Ezreal is the most popular ADC champion in League Of legends. The high popularity of Ezreal can be partially explained by his youthful good look, OP Korean dance (emote), strong evasive skill (Arcane Shift) and a global ultimate that can snipe anyone who's low in HP from distant location.

3)Urgot, the ugliest ADC has the lowest winning rate in both normal and ranked. Does Riot's balance team discriminate against ugly champion? LoL

4)Vayne, the popular hyper-carry has a surprisingly low winning rate in both ranked & normal. This can be explained by her higher than usual skill cap that most players simply do not possess. An average player will probably get closer to 46% winning as they accumulate more games with Vayne. But for a player with godlike mechanical skill and reflex like CLG-Doublelift, getting >60 % winning rate with Vayne is not a big problem. Doublelift Season 3 Champion stat

Conclusion : Based on the average winning rate on the above the table, the top five ADC for league of legends are Miss Fortune, Draven, Twitch, Ezreal and Graves.


  1. Nice comparison,

    Seems like Vayne even has issues in high tier gameplay. In platinum tier the highest win ratio is only 47.79 and 46.22 in gold.

    Which Urgot actually seems to do better in the high tier game with a high of 55.29 for platinum & 52.94 with gold..though seems to have lower lows.

    MF is totally dominating high tier, not sure what made this change happen but it is nice to see a bit more diversity.

  2. The statistics says a lot. Miss fortune has got the highest win rate. Is there a analysis for cho'gath champion which will help me make better strategy to win.